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Cloud Network Enablement

Cisco estimates that by 2018, more than three quarters (78%) of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers, with 31 percent of the cloud workloads going to public clouds. Is your corporate network public cloud-ready? Are you prepared to deliver low latency and high throughput traffic to globally distributed cloud data centers? Equinix gives you access to public cloud services through direct, secure, high-performance connections. Our Performance Hub™ solutions provide a fast and easy path to private, public and hybrid cloud deployment and they allow you to easily access cloud providers on a one-to-one or a one-to-many basis via Equinix Cloud Exchange™.

Network with the largest cloud ecosystem.

2,900+ cloud service providers, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle, come together inside Equinix data centers to provide fast, secure and reliable connectivity to cloud services. Equinix is the place where enterprises can access the most cloud providers and where cloud providers can reach out to 9,700+ Equinix customers to deliver their services.

Enterprises that want to interconnect their IT infrastructures to private and public cloud services come to Equinix for the highest quality cloud and IT services and connectivity at the best price. Cloud providers can also select the optimal network routes for delivering their cloud services. Colocating your cloud infrastructure along with 1,800+ networks guarantees an unmatched choice in communications service providers and the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective network routes for delivering cloud services worldwide.

Customize the cloud services you use based on regional or departmental requirements.



Deploy secure and reliable multi-cloud environments.

Through Equinix Cloud Exchange, companies can directly access multiple public cloud service providers in multiple global locations. This enables you to securely extend your enterprise IT resources in a hybrid cloud environment and drop and add services as needed. You can also customize the cloud services you use based on regional or departmental requirements. Automated provisioning of multiple cloud connections simplifies deployment and management of various cloud environments, reducing complexity and costs.

Bypassing the public Internet, along with the congestion and security risks that are prevalent in that environment, ensures that you can create safe, high-performance multi-cloud environments. You can also multi-home your private and public cloud environments to ensure the availability of mission-critical content and applications for disaster recovery/business continuity.


Design, test and deploy high-performance clouds.

Equinix Professional Services combines specialized data center expertise with detailed knowledge of IT infrastructure, networks and clouds to help customers with all phases of data center planning, design, testing and deployment. We will help you select the colocation facilities and network and cloud services that best meet your IT and business objectives.

Our Global Solutions Architects™ will advise you on complex deployments, such as building multi-homed private clouds or deploying hybrid clouds by connecting private clouds to multiple public cloud services colocated inside our IBX data centers. They will also help you test and validate the performance of your IT infrastructure and cloud designs within our global Solution Validation™ Centers to lower your risk and maximize your users' QoE and your return on your IT infrastructure investments.