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Collaboration Applications

Great Software, Frustrated Users. Sound Familiar?

Best-in-class collaboration applications make your users more productive, traditional IT architectures slow them down. You need an architecture that's designed to help your dispersed, mobile and ever-expanding global user community collaborate in real-time, or their experience will suffer.

The Delivery Model is the Key

Legacy architectures don’t support the low-latency, security and proximity required to enable the performance your enterprise requires. Users are often too far from the clouds that serve the applications they’re using and critical links in the digital supply chain that connect them are inadequate.

Next Generation Architectures Leverage Interconnection

An Interconnection Oriented Architecture gives you the global speed, security and performance essential for digital collaboration. Building it on Platform Equinix™ gives you the power to strategically interconnect people, locations, clouds and data anywhere, at any time, for less cost.

Greater control: over costs, resources, agility

Better performance: from networks, clouds and applications

Improved security: bypass the public Internet entirely

Interconnection Oriented Architecture™

A proven and repeatable framework for enterprise IT

Performance Hub ›

The cornerstone of your IOA strategy

Cloud Exchange ›

Direct connections to multiple clouds

Data Hub ›

Private, multi-cloud enterprise storage

Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA) from Equinix is a transformational approach to connecting people, locations, clouds and data. Research from Forrester has shown IOA reduces network latency more than 40%, speeds deployment times and increases ROI by more than 300%.

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