Protect Your Sensitive Data in Any Cloud

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Create Your Security Groups

Create a collection of security objects which can be accessible by users and applications.


Pick Applications to Protect

Add applications like web servers, PKI servers and key vaults that interact with SmartKey using the REST APIs or using the PKCS#11, JCE, or CNG providers.


Start Using SmartKey

Use SmartKey to generate, store, and use security objects, such as cryptographic keys, certificates, or secrets.

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Simplify Data Security

Equinix SmartKey™, a global SaaS-based, secure key management and cryptography service offered on cloud-neutral Platform Equinix™, simplifies data protection across any cloud architecture. Smartkey provides key storage, encryption and tokenization, addresses performance and GRC requirements at the digital edge close to clouds, carriers and counterparties, and restricts key access to authorized users.

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  • Cryptographic protection
    Only authorized users can access your encrypted keys
  • Multi-site and Hybrid-cloud support
    Get support for single enterprise wide key across cloud and IT datacenter
  • Built-in key management, encryption and tokenization
    Support for a variety of interfaces (RESTful APIs, PKCS#11, CNG, JCE, KMIP)
  • Centralized management
    Enterprise-level access controls and audit logging
  • Private connectivity
    Get options for public cloud workloads


  • Eliminate the risk of key compromise
    Complete key secrecy even from service providers and governments/state actors in shared infrastructure
  • GDPR Compliance & Data Sovereignty
    Enable data sovereignty with regional isolation and security
  • HSM-Grade Security
    Easy-to-use cloud service with predictable consumption
  • Rapid and easy integration
    Uniform control regardless of where data resides and natively works with AWS, Azure and Google
  • Gain Optimal performance
    Store your keys at the digital edge close to critical applications whether in cloud or on-premises


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Security and Resilience in the Cloud

See some of the critical considerations associated with cryptographic key management for multicloud users, and some of solutions available to address issues or resilience for hybrid and multicloud solutions.

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Protect Your Data.
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SmartKey provides cloud scale, secure key storage, encryption and tokenization services, addressing performance and GRC requirements at the digital edge close to clouds, carriers and counterparties.

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451 Webinar

In this webinar, security experts from 451 Research and Equinix discuss the top cloud security methods for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures and SaaS applications.

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