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Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric is where cloud and network service providers seamlessly connect with 9,500+ potential partners, customers and each other. Effortlessly build and maintain commercial, operational and technical integration with other service providers via our connection management API. Expand opportunities for business growth and service offerings by lowering latency, tightening security and shortening time-to-market for you and your customers.

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Expand your market reach and connect with more customers as you seamlessly manage connections and services on ECX Fabric.



Unlock the power of software-defined interconnection

ECX Fabric expands opportunities for cloud service providers to attract new and existing enterprise customers by offering access to the cloud that is direct, secure and low latency. ECX Fabric’s single interface solution also allows for easy connections with network service providers.



Configure and Customize Cloud Connections

Network service providers who are part of ECX Fabric benefit from the growing number of companies moving their workloads from basement servers to the cloud. ECX Fabric’s APIs allow network service providers to easily configure and customize their connection to any cloud service provider also in our exchange – reducing time to market and expanding service offerings.

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Success Story


Equinix Cloud Exchange and the Avere FXT Edge filer were proven to provide the high-bandwidth connectivity and edge caching needed to run high-performance applications and financial simulations in Equinix data centers or on customer premises while storing the data in Google Cloud Storage.

Improving Performance for a CSP Through Cloud Exchange

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