Digital business must interconnect employees, partners and customers quickly and securely within a digital ecosystem to stay competitive. Gartner has done extensive research on this model that Equinix calls an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™. Below is Gartner’s current reporting.


Webinar - Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ and IT Transformation

In this webcast, hear industry visionaries from Gartner, Equinix and GE discuss how to re-architect your digital platform to meet the demands of business in the digital age.

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Colocation-Based Interconnection Will Serve as the 'Glue' for Advanced Digital Business Applications

Colocation enables innovative connectivity paradigms that can help you realize untapped cloud, customer and partner possibilities. Learn how colocation can drive transformative changes in IT and your business that help you outpace competitors today and stay ahead tomorrow.

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The Edge Manifesto

Gartner’s edge manifesto calls for content, compute and data center resources to be placed on the edge of the network close to a business’ largest concentration of users. This augmentation of the traditional centralized data center model meets the demands of today’s digital business by ensuring low latency issues and a better user experience.

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Eight Trends Will Shape the Colocation Market

As colocation's role in everything from the hybrid cloud, digital business and data center consolidation increases, innovative market players, new technologies and growing investments will combine to create a market in flux.

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