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Oracle Cloud

The Equinix interconnection platform delivers seamless and direct private connectivity to Oracle Cloud in six (6) metros in the US, Europe and APAC. Enterprise customers with a presence in these Equinix IBX data centers can leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect giving them a high-performance private access to Oracle Cloud.




Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric allows customers to connect their corporate IT infrastructure directly to Oracle Cloud for a high-performance solution and enhanced user experience, while avoiding the public Internet improves performance, reduces costs, increases security and leverages cloud computing for more applications.

  • Equinix Cloud Exchange™ Fabric is optimized for private, on-demand connectivity to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s suite of PaaS/IaaS cloud services even in metros with no local Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect presence
  • Remote Access: Customers can establish a secure connection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure via network service providers enabled on the platform
  • Connections and Speed: Virtual connections via Equinix Cloud Exchange™ Fabric



  • Near real-time provisioning
  • Simplified WAN architecture
  • Cost effective
  • Equinix Cloud Exchange is optimized for private connectivity to Oracle Cloud’s suite of PaaS cloud services including Database-as-a-Service, Database Backup-as-a-Service, Big Data-as-a-Service, Exadata-as-a-Service, Compute-as-a-Service and Storage-as-a-Service.
  • Gain the ability to move applications and workloads between the cloud and on-premises environments quickly and easily.
  • Hi-Speed Connection to move large data, like databases synchronization or database backup.
  • Access to two dozen Oracle Cloud PaaS & IaaS services including Database, Java, Integration, Analytics, Compute & Storage.
  • Directly connect to Oracle Cloud from your co-located private cloud in a common Equinix data center or on-premise facilities through participating network service providers.
  • Establish private peering sessions with Oracle using the same methods your business would use with public sessions.
  • Common architecture between On-Premise/Private Cloud and Oracle’s public cloud.
  • Reduce costs by as much as 10 times depending on data volumes and architecture.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect Classic scales globally and is available in the following six Equinix locations: Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Sydney.

Remote connection to Oracle Cloud is now available via ECX Fabric in six more North American metro areas: Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Seattle & Toronto and ten more European metro areas: Dublin, Düsselforf, Geneva, Helsinki, Paris, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Stockholm, Helsinki & Zurich.


Oracle Cloud via Equinix

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