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  • Remote Workforce & Online Collaboration
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Quickly Scale a Remote Workforce & Online Collaboration

Get secure, private access to Zoom, WebEx, DropBox and hundreds of application, cloud service, network and other service providers. See how Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ and Network Edge™ give you the ability to rapidly scale connections between workers, customers and critical cloud services to meet fast-changing business demands.

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Boost Agility & Flexibility

Seamlessly scale network capacity and cloud connectivity with ECX Fabric™ to support remote employees in existing and new locations for a whole new level of control.

  • Dynamically scale VPN capacity
  • Directly access thousands of network, cloud & IT service providers
  • Scale access to unified communication and collaboration services

Guarantee Business Continuity

Agile architecture gives you the ability to control resources and minimize foreseen and unforeseen risks that impact your ability to do business.

  • Ensure application performance for end users
  • Quickly enable workers in new locations
  • Increase bandwidth and reduce latency

Built-in Risk Management

Flexibility, agility and control over resources and locations also give you the ability to better manage a wide range of business and technology risks, including:

  • IT security
  • Supply chain
  • Geography
  • Digital transformation