Asia-Pacific Interconnection Customer Stories

As one of the fastest growing regions for interconnection and with infrastructure ready to support the growth, leading companies in Asia-Pacific are gaining advantages in local markets by deploying digital platforms that deliver superior functionality, experience and business value. Watch how these companies have accelerated their digital transformation journey with Platform Equinix™.


Sennheiser leverages Platform Equinix® to bring its business communications products into Asia. Sennheiser can expand its business anywhere across the region while future-proofing its roadmap for innovation and improving customer experience.

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Carsales is Australia's largest online automotive, motorcycle and marine classifieds business. Leveraging Platform Equinix, it interconnected its technology systems across its Australian and Latin America offices, optimizing applications and allowing global access and consistency.

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NAVER Business Platform, South Korea’s leading IT infrastructure and cloud services provider, enabled hybrid cloud solutions for customers in Asia, Europe and US with high-performing interconnectivity options through Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™.

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Ricoh Hong Kong transforms its business and leverages Platform Equinix to deliver Smart Backup as a Service and Business Process Management Solutions to empower digital workplaces.

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Electronics manufacturer

One of North Asia’s leading electronics manufacturers leverages ECX Fabric to interconnect its hybrid cloud architecture. Software is developed and tested in the public cloud to enable workload fluctuations and migrated into the private cloud for better cost control when they’re ready.

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Nous Group

Nous Group, an award-winning Australia-based management consulting firm, partnered with blueAPACHE to bring its growing Australia business to the UK. This included a new network topology and hybrid cloud model, including moving to Office 365. The result is creating consistency in its application delivery and improving the overall user experience around the world.

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PickMe is Sri Lanka's leading on-demand transportation service. It uses Iguazio's Continuous Data Platform and Platform Equinix to process real-time data using algorithms and AI to increase driver efficiency, profits and improving overall customer satisfaction.

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Wing On

Wing On, one of Hong Kong’s oldest retailers, modernized its business with Equinix by leveraging hybrid cloud on Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric™ (ECX Fabric) to boost competitive advantage and improve customer experience.

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Sportag provides artificial intelligence (AI) photography services for athletes across Asia. It leverages ECX Fabric and connectivity to Alibaba Cloud to reduce search time and improve overall user experience.

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Children’s Cancer Institute

Children's Cancer Institute partners with Optus for their managed services capabilities in Australia, to deploy in Equinix for an interconnection platform that enables a secure, reliable, cloud adjacent architecture, and private connectivity to AWS, Azure and Google for high speed and complex genomic profiling to support their Zero Childhood Cancer Initiative.

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Spark Systems

Spark Systems provides foreign FX trading platforms and serves the USD600 billion daily transactions in Singapore and Asia. By leveraging Platform Equinix to support their trading platform and connecting to other key locations, it has since significantly improved trading latency from 360 milliseconds to 1 millisecond.

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