Miami Data Centers

MI3 - Miami IBX Data Center

Miami MI3 colocation services and Internet exchange point, located at Boca Raton, offers premium interconnection services for enterprise and cloud ecosystems by Equinix.

MI2 - Miami IBX Data Center

Miami MI2 IBX data center located in the Miami Central Business district in the Metro Mall building is one of the largest Internet exchange points with fiber diversity and satellite roof rights.

MI1 - Miami IBX Data Center

Miami MI1 IBX data center Located in Downtown Miami, MI1 is home to the primary network exchange point between the U.S. and Latin America.

Equinix Miami Data Centers

Our Miami IBX® locations are in the heart of one of the world’s largest internet exchange points and serve as major communications gateways to commercial centers in Latin America, Northeastern U.S. and Europe. Miami is ranked one of the top-five most connected cities in the world and is a key destination point for submarine cable systems, which means it offers superior interconnection and secure routes to global markets. Our facilities provide access to leading Latin American networks, reducing latency to the South and Central American markets. Our facilities provide access to leading Latin American networks, reducing latency to the South and Central American markets. Explore some of our recent IBX in Miami as a part of our acquisition of Verizon data centers.


Miami Offerings

Miami is a growing metro, boasting a highly diverse economy and attracting huge concentrations of commerce, finance, tourism, media and healthcare businesses. Our Miami IBX locations serve as critical business hubs for 600 companies that interconnect directly with customers and partners in their digital supply chain. Our Miami ecosystem provides customers with direct connectivity to a variety of network and cloud service providers, CDN's and enterprises.


Miami IBX Benefits

  • Located at a key internet exchange point between top North and Latin American markets
  • Direct connections to New York and New Jersey – and extensive, direct connectivity from there to much of Europe via subsea cable systems
  • Lowest latency route to Brazil via GlobeNet, a submarine telecommunications cable system linking the U.S., Bermuda, Venezuela and Brazil
  • Direct access to and from Brazilian markets through the Monet subsea system via a cable landing station located inside MI3
  • Access to the Department of State’s Diplomatic Telecommunications Service via MI1
  • A pathway through the NAP of the Americas (“NOTA”) (Equinix’s MI1 IBX) for data traffic from the Caribbean and South and Central America to more than 148 countries worldwide
  • Built 32 feet above sea level, MI1 is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane-level winds

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