According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, clients who adopted Interconnection Oriented Architecture® and deployed services at the edge saw a 328% return on investment, 30% minimum latency reduction and implementation time of less than six months.

Solve key IT constraints


Remove the distance

Build exchange points in proximity to customers, employees, partners and clouds to reduce networking costs by more than 60% and latency by at least 30%.

Unlock cloud at the edge

Establish a set of IT infrastructure hubs to create a distributed regional core by directly connecting multiple clouds to your private infrastructure in strategic locations—reducing multicloud connectivity costs.

Control your risk

Deploy and connect security controls next to users and clouds, and leverage private exchange for business traffic to extend your distributed security perimeter and gain end-to-end transparency.

Transform the experience

Establish your edge advantage by scaling data exchange and integrating edge computing to meet the needs for latency-sensitive, real-time applications that support your customers, employees and business processes.

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