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Platform Equinix™ data centers enable you to reliably deliver your content to 90% of the global population in major markets in under 10 milliseconds. Deploying your content delivery systems infrastructure within multiple Equinix data centers results in significant advantages over distributing content from a single hosting location over a single network:

Platform Equinix ™ data centers enable you to reliably deliver your content to 90% of the global population in major markets in under 10 milliseconds

Accelerate content delivery speed while reducing costs.

Video streaming, which typically has to be mirrored and staged in multiple sites to reduce the costs of long-haul streaming, is bandwidth-intensive and costly. Equinix Performance Hub™ solutions also enable you to take control of network bandwidth costs by aggregating Internet traffic delivery. Our test results show that companies (on average) save more than 25% on network bandwidth costs with a Performance Hub implementation. Performance Hub solutions enable companies to take advantage of technologies such as WAN optimization, content caching and content and application acceleration to optimize global content delivery performance.


  • 15% faster page load times
  • 27% fewer network hops for more consistent performance
  • 40% less variability in end-to-end transit times
  • 80% reduction in downtime

Ensure reliable delivery of content to meet customer SLAs.

The availability of your content delivery infrastructure is critical to maintaining revenue and ensuring that customers can access content without interruption. Entrusting your infrastructure to a highly reliable data center platform with globally consistent service-level agreements (SLAs) makes it easier for you to offer standardized SLAs across multiple locations for your customers. In addition, content delivery systems providers within Equinix IBX® data centers can access distributed denial of service (DDOS) services.

Replicated Equinix Performance Hub deployments and diverse networks within distributed Equinix IBX data centers provide world-class reliability and operational excellence to maintain continuous content delivery. Our data centers deliver >99.9999% global uptime and world-class physical security. And, Equinix Cloud Exchange enables you to access cloud-based storage/archiving, backup and disaster recovery services.