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Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS and PaaS)

Deploying your cloud infrastructure with Equinix is fastest path to cloud revenue. More than 2,500+ cloud service providers, including Equinix Platform Partners, call the Equinix ecosystem home. We provide the most options for delivering cloud services because more than 1,600+ network service providers across Platform Equinix™—including Tier 1 networks—reside here. Our advanced interconnection solution, Equinix Cloud Exchange, enables on-demand, direct connectivity to multiple cloud providers.

World-class data center facilities, with a >99.9999% uptime SLA and at least N+1 power backup.


Key advantages for IaaS and PaaS providers:

  • With 210+ data centers, Equinix offers the largest global reach in the industry, enabling faster expansion into new markets and access to more customers
  • High growth potential for your cloud's direct-access services, with thousands of potential customers deployed in our data centers
  • A large and growing community of developers building complementary software services for IaaS and PaaS
  • World-class data center facilities, with a >99.9999% uptime SLA and a minimum N+1 power backup

The Best Network Routes for Your Cloud

More than 2,900+ cloud service providers, including Amazon, Oracle Cloud, Google, and Microsoft, come together inside Equinix data centers. At Equinix you have the most options for delivering your cloud services because more than 1,800+ network service providers—including Tier 1 networks—reside here with you.

Deploying your cloud infrastructure in Equinix guarantees not just unmatched choice but also access to the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective network routes for delivering cloud services worldwide.

Let Equinix help optimize your WAN 


Unmatched Data Center Reliability

Since 1998, Equinix has invested more than  to create a global platform of data centers for delivering mission-critical services. With a >99.9999% uptime SLA across our global data center platform and robust physical security, we make it easier for you to:

  • Establish globally consistent SLAs for your customers
  • Address many of your customers’ compliance and data sovereignty challenges
  • Accelerate adoption of your services between countries and regions
  • Differentiate your cloud offerings through exceptional performance and reliability

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The Most Locations in the World's Most Desirable Markets

With Equinix's 210+ data centers in 55+ markets across 5 continents, you can pick the collocation center closest to your end users and instantly interconnect across our global platform. Equinix facilities put you in the heart of international centers of commerce, with access to the widest array of networks. Additionally, our advanced interconnection solution, Equinix Cloud Exchange, enables on-demand, direct connectivity to multiple cloud providers.