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Platform Equinix™
Powers the Media and
Entertainment Industry

Platform Equinix™ for CDM companies enables a transformative access to all your people, cloud, locations and data. See how media and entertainment companies can leverage the power of interconnection to become industry leaders.

Leverage the Power of Proximity

Direct interconnection gives the media and entertainment industry the ability to benefit from the same high-performance architectures transforming industries around the globe.

Platform Equinix™ enables better distribution of content to user pools at the edge, delivering a seamless user experience.

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Gartner Report – The Edge
Completes the Cloud

Learn how modern media & entertainment companies can stay competitive by adapting to an edge computing strategy to capture new revenue streams, meet growing user experience demands and enable service customization.


In this research, Gartner explores

  • What edge computing is, and which technologies help shape it
  • The potential for edge computing
  • Whether enterprises are ready for edge computing
  • How will the edge and the cloud will evolve together

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Interconnection Drives
Business at the Edge

See how you can leverage interconnection
to create productive digital frameworks which
serve local markets around the world, enabling
new levels of productivity, growth and innovation
in the media and entertainment Industry
at the edge.

Explore the Digital Edge



“As a result of deploying Equinix interconnection solutions at the digital edge—closest to its users—customers now enjoy a rich, collaborative user experience with the required data and faster workflow efficiencies.”

– Avid Success Story

“Utilization of the Equinix LA campus and media ecosystem known as EMCEE helped us prove that next-generation hybrid workflows produce significant advantages in cost, time and security.”

– Erik Weaver, ETC USA

Content and Digital Media Playbook

The Digital Edge Playbook for Content and Digital Media (CDM) companies describes how to evolve content delivery architectures to meet the digital demands of today's users.

Enable Digital Transformation

Connect with us to see how Platform Equinix™ can help you to achieve digital transformation.