Innovate Automation and Self-service 

From personal taxi services to municipalities leasing out underutilized equipment, a highly competitive sharing economy is challenging transportation equipment companies to change the way they do business. Fleet management is also leveraging telematics, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and greater automation and self-service to reduce vehicle operational and maintenance costs and gain greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Get the playbook that outlines how transportation industry leaders can more proactively solve supply chain inefficiencies and deliver a better customer experience, while lowering costs.

Build your Solution with the Transportation Blueprint

Visit the site to download the Transportation blueprint and re-architect to optimize and scale data to support things, partners and clouds.

IoT-Enabled Maintenance

This InfoBite highlights, through solutions, use case, and essential guidance, the IoT roadmap of anticipating the unexpected.

Connected Vehicle

This InfoBite highlights the opportunities and challenges ahead for the automotive industry using key use cases and other examples..


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