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Colocation has been redefined. It's no longer about space, power and cooling—it's about competitive advantage. Cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, NaaS) have raised the stakes and today's enterprises, network and cloud service providers can leverage colocation to transform how they partner, compete and win in a rapidly-changing marketplace. These reports provide insight into how to mobilize new interconnection and connectivity strategies to transform and accelerate your business.


Use Colocation Networking to Provide New Connectivity Paradigms and Drive Business Transformation

Colocation enables innovative connectivity paradigms that can help you realize untapped cloud, customer and partner possibilities. Learn how colocation can drive transformative changes in IT and your business that help you outpace competitors today and stay ahead tomorrow.

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The Edge Manifesto

Gartner's Nexus of Forces—the convergence of mobile, social, cloud and information—is driving the next generation topology of networked data centers for today’s digital business. These forces have raised user expectations, emphasized content‐rich data types, and created an increased volume of information and latency‐sensitive transactions, challenging enterprises to support new business models with an emphasis on timely and accurate delivery. As a result, Gartner predicts enterprises will adopt the edge manifesto. Learn how the placement of content, compute and data center resources, as well as access to cloud on‐ramps/off‐ramps, at the edge—closer to concentrations of users and generators of content—will ensure a better user experience.

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